Spring of Wellness Holistic Nutritional Therapy
Spring of WellnessHolistic Nutritional Therapy



Do you have a digestive condition that's not fully managed with medication?


Do you have to limit your activities or stay close to home because of IBS?


Do stressful situations at home or work trigger stomach upset?




Living with chronic digestive issues can be depressing, isolating, even frightening. These emotions can have the unfortunate effect of triggering more troubling gut symptoms, creating more sadness and desperation.



I help people explore the relationship between emotions and digestion, and how to create health and harmony in both aspects of their wellbeing.



As your Nutritional Therapist, we'll work together to address the root causes of anxiety, depression, moodiness, and worry that can interfere with living the carefree life you deserve! You are a unique individual, so the healing plan we develop will be specific to you and your unique constitution. 

One change at a time, true and lasting transformation.

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The truth that we can heal, we must learn again. 

Medicine is in our heart, and in the heart of that which we call the universe.


Nikola Tesla

 new leaf.

new life. new you.

Rachel Alm

Nutritional Therapy Practitioner



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